Thanks for two great years Lancaster!
We will soon return with our new adventure, "Journey To The Mummy's Tomb!"

Welcome to Haunted Theatre, Lancaster

Become a ghost hunter and solve puzzles with your friends in a new type of Escape Room experience that is more interactive and exciting than ever before.


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A celebration of the golden age of theater and great for players that enjoy playing in a light-hearted setting. Your game includes unique special effects and a spectacular laser light show finale.


Experience the thrill of things that go bump in the night and other exciting surprises. Your game includes jump-scares and loud noises. Not for the faint of heart!


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Race against the clock and experience all the magic and fun the show has to offer. We guarantee you’ll still encounter some tough challenges along the way.


Conquer our most perplexing and fiendish puzzles and prove you’re the best of the best. Not recommended for groups of four or less players. You’ve been warned!

The spirits are waiting..